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Sandbox Advisors works in close dialogue with each of our clients because we believe problem solving starts with listening. Understanding your perspective is the key to effectively addressing your business.

Sandbox Advisors approaches every project by first seeking to understand the core of your situation, your business, and most importantly, you - our client. Only then do we develop customized solutions to help you reach your goals. We believe working in authentic connection creates a process that is as gratifying as achieving the end result. This process allows your passion and bottom to line merge.

When work is done in the Sandbox, a new type of advising takes place: one that’s meaningful, authentic, beneficial, and enjoyable.

Monica Jamaluddin
Founder and Principal

Monica is an explorer at heart - always seeking to understand other cultures, the anatomies of companies, the inner-workings of others and how they relate to the world.

She is a dynamic finance and operations professional with expertise in social enterprises, startups and small businesses. 

Monica's desire to support the growth and development of others took her from Wall Street to the thriving tech community in West Africa and on to a triple bottom line agribusiness deep in the Himalayas before bringing her back to New York City to build Sandbox Advisors.

She is a creative connector who enjoys working closely with people at all levels of an organization to develop and execute strategic projects. She is most energized when helping people scale their organizations, optimize performance and implement context-sensitive solutions to challenging problems.


Monica’s mission is to help others achieve theirs.

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